I was really hoping to get the kitchen project started before Memorial Day, but I had to get the designs approved by the HOA beforehand, and that took another week. Once it did we were off to the races starting with the teardown of the existing cabinets and haul away of the appliances.


Our contractor made quick work of the cabinets and this mexican couple were really fast to take away all the debris and appliances for $275. I called around to official junk haul aways and it was going to cost almost double that so i was happy to give it to them. They did a good job of sweeping up afterwards too which was nice.


The biggest delays we had was having to shut off the water to the building so that we could move some pipes around since we were installing a dishwasher that didn’t exist before. We had to give the building a 48 hour notice and then couldn’t get anyone to come out until the next week, so that delayed the process a little.


The other delay was trying to get our countertop guys to come out to measure our space, but it all started to come together when they finished up and brought the countertops the same day that the appliances got delivered. We picked the perfect sized fridge since we have a tight corner that everything has to be squeezed through. At this point i had a work thing to go to in Vegas so Joy and my parents had to take care of the rest of the work review.

I was pretty happy to get home from Vegas last week because i knew when i arrived our kitchen would be completed. I was pretty excited to get my first look at our new kitchen and really happy how it came out. Joy picked out the subway tiles for the backsplash and i picked out the gray grout to make them pop a little more. I love the single tub sink where we can actually put our pans flat to wash, and the automatic ice maker is awesome.


Its so nice to have use of a fully functional kitchen again, because i never thought i could  get sick of eating out. Finally having a digital oven is nice so i don’t have to guess with the pre-heating, and our burners are super high so we can boil water in an instance.

kitchen-part2-7The last thing i want to talk about is the extra counter space we created by moving the sink over to the far right. We’ve got plenty of space now for all the mise en place we end up making for our cooking. If you think so saw a lot of cooking before, you aint seen nothing yet.


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