I watch a lot of HGTV and watch occasional show of Flea Market Flip, where they basically pit two teams of two to take some flea market items, fix/clean/change them up and upcycle them at another flea market. This always gets my mind racing on ideas on what i could do to the house or to build myself.


I always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl flea market, but reading a few reviews people find that its too big, can get too hot, too expensive, and have to pay to get in. So instead we tried out the Pasadena City College. The good thing about the PCC flea market is that its free, plenty of parking for a fee or free on the street. We thought it was a little small thing at a parking lot but saw signs that led to an entire parking structure level of more vendors and another outdoor parking lot of other vendors as well. Half way through the structure i stopped really looking hard for things and did more of a flyby as i was getting tired visually and physically.


Joy and I were on the look out for a possible coffee table, and decorative house items. I pulled out a hundred bucks which i thought was a lot, but it was right in the middle comparably speaking. There were some things that were super cheap and others that were super expensive. We found a few interesting pieces but the set of 4 chairs that we liked were being sold for something like $350, and another side table that was being sold by some bitchy ass lady that we didn’t want to give our money to.

pcc-flea-marketToo bad no one taught either Joy and I any negotiation skills so we really didn’t’ feel comfortable haggling for much of a discount. We eventually walked away with some Dr. Seuss books for a buck each, and this wooden elephant which we negotiated from $17 down to $16.

One of the Southland’s largest flea markets, the show is held the first Sunday of every month. Come enjoy the browsing and the bargains. With over 500 vendors, the Market features fascinating antiques and collectibles, thousands of records, tools, clothes, toys and much more, not to mention food and good company.

7:00 AM – 3:00 PM



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