It wasn’t quite planned this way but i had to return to Vegas twice within the same week. This time is was for a Work thing where we wanted map out the future of the company and figure out what our long terms goals were for the company. We spent a couple days locked up at a virtual office a few miles outside of the strip so we hashed out every detail that we could think of. In the end I think we have a more realistic and solid plan to run the company.


We did get to squeeze in a little R&R between the work hours and ate some good food. Earlier in the week I got a Facebook message from an old co-worker from International Rectifier saying he was headed to the Oyster Bar after seeing my pictures and he was in Vegas for the week. Wednesday night we met up with Mark for dinner at Bouchon and got to reminisce of the old days of eating and playing basketball. We drank a lot of scotch that night and made the next morning a little rough.


Thursday night we had late reservations at Raku where we met up with Thomas for some fancy ass Yakitori and Sushi. The handmade tofu agadashi style was delicious and were completely stuffed by the end of the night. We were still awake and got one of the worse foot massage experiences that i’ve ever had. I was pretty happy to get back to the Hotel after basically getting yelled at for not tipping enough.


Back at the hotel Jonathan and I decided to stay up a little longer and hit the slot machines where i played my $20 and wich my last spin hit the wheel of fortune and won back $60. From there we moved on to the dollar machine and on my very first pull got the wheel of fortune spin and made $150. Not a bad way to end the night

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