Its been a while since i’ve seen Thomas since his move out to Las Vegas, so a few weeks ago i found an open weekend and booked a night at the Monte Carlo to go visit him. Joy and I left home around 6am and made pretty good time to get to vegas by 10:30am. The entire trip there we were trying to figure out where to go for brunch and initally we planned on going to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace, but when we got there and did a quick once around the food stalls it just didn’t seem worth it for $40/person for lots of egg dishes and jook.


We quickly went across the street for our other favorite place Bouchon for some Chicken & Waffles instead. We also ordered the Croque Madam but really shouldn’t have since joy couldn’t get her egg over easy, but she really wanted the fries.

Afterwards we went to check-in to our hotel room and met up with Thomas and his kid Christian at the pool. I originally booked the Monte Carlo because there was a lazy river which i though Joy would enjoy but the place was filled with dudes drinking buckets of beers and making it impossible for an inner tube to float on through. There was also a wave pool which was pretty fun to hang out in, but summer times means a lot of people drinking and loud music, especially here where they stationed a DJ at the top and every so often had drinking contests at the edge of the pool. Not particularly the best place to bring a kid, but hey its Vegas i guess.


For dinner we wanted to check out this place Raku which i noticed all the people i follow on instagram go to when they’re in Vegas, but the only RSVP time available was 10:30pm. So instead we went to the Oyster Bar at the Palace Station Casino for their Pan Roast. This is the place where all my basketball friends go to while in Vegas. The wait is super slow, but we got in just in time for a dozen oysters for Thomas and I to split, and a Pan Roast for Joy and I to split.


We were short on time because we had gotten tickets to watch a comedy show called Defending the Caveman at Harrah’s Casino. It was a pretty funny show where a guy gets up on stage and tries to show how men aren’t assholes, they just see and interact  with the world with a different type of brain. It actually got me to laugh so i would say it was pretty good.

Finally to end the night we went over to Serendipity 3 so Joy could get a Frozen Hot Chocolate and Thomas and I could have a few beers. It was a pretty hot night but there was a nice seating area with misters all around us and got to enjoy just hanging out long enough before i started to pass out.

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