Friday with no real plans, i talked to Ben online about watching Star Trek into Darkness, and the only place we could find to reserve decent enough seats was the Pacific Theaters at the Grove.  Joy and I headed there early to grab a bite to eat at Nancy Silverton new burger joint Short Order at the Farmers Market.  The food was ok, but the pickles chips were too salty, the potato spuds were huge chunks of fried potatoes (i’m a shoe string kind of guy), and the burger was decent but not making the ranks of my burger list i’m working on.

bluth-companyWe bumped into a promotional appearance of the Arrested Development Stair Car for the series relaunch which i’m sure excited about.

despicable-me2-adAt the theater they had a fun Despicable Me 2 Whack a Minion display with a real hammer to hit them, but too bad it was either too loud, or it didn’t make enough sound when you hit them. Now onto the movie:

Star Trek into Darkness


Star Trek into Darkness is the second movie of the Star Trek reboot series. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie more than i expected. I guess i had low expectations of the movie, but probably because i don’t really have a strong background in the original series, but enough to know enough to understand the small homages to the original series.

Spoilers from here on out:



The movie as a whole was enjoyable albeit predictable in story lines, but not in the sense that Star Trek has done any of it before, but story arcs that have been used in other movies. Mainly a Corrupt General who wants to go into war with a daughter trying to stop him in a covert manner which leads up to a negotiation for her safety.

Other than that we get a few a few interesting moments in the movie:


The Klingons have arrived. While not a major plot point in the movie, its obvious that they’ll be in the next movie. Too bad they wanted to save some money on makeup and made them all wear masks.

carol-marcus, the General’s daughters strips down to her underwear because … i don’t really know why she did this.


And this guy’s character.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness at the Grove

  1. Rob is SO excited about the new season of Arrested Development (I’ve only seen a few episodes) — we’re so jealous you got to see the car! I also heard they had a frozen banana stand somewhere in Culver City. Too bad it’s so far for us to drive up to LA or we would be all over that! Maybe they can bring the car and/or stand over to Newport Beach…

  2. You should definitely watch all 3 season, its really hilarious. The Banana Stand will be there this week, but i heard its not going to the OC.

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