Memorial weekend is the start of the movie and it was going to be a 3 way battle for the opening salvo and Fast & Furious 6 ran away with it, leaving the Hangover 3, and Epic in its dust.  I as well threw in my own $24 taking my mom to see it on Friday evening. The best description that i could ever give was its a perfect Fast and the Furious movie.  I admit i probably drove a little faster on the highway afterwards so I would recommend to go see it, just leave the brain at home before you go.


The story is a continuation of Fast 5 where at the closing credits you see surveillance pictures of Letty (Michelle Rodriquez) who supposedly died in Fast 4. It plays out like a classic soap opera plot where she doesn’t really die, but gets amnesia and is now rolling with highly technical  criminals not remembering her past. These criminals are racing around Europe stealing parts for a bomb whom Agent Hobbs (The Rock) is trying to capture. Him and his sidekick realize that the two of them (alone, why?) need a team of skilled drivers to capture a well organized military gang of thieves. Because finding drivers is exactly what you need to stop a criminal group with guns who are building a bomb.

Hobbs using the photo of Letty to convince Dominic (Vin Diesel) to pull most of the gang from Fast 5 back together to help him stop in exchange for pardons so they can go back to living in the US again.

Spoilers after the break.


Fast And Furious 6

Probably the only real big gripe that i have is the lack of cars. In the first movie it was all about the RX-7, Supra, Eclipse, and even the Civics with lights on the floorboards. Now the franchise has turned it self into an action movie series. I think this is a shame since  the cars is what think really got people into the theater in the first place. This movie makes a big deal about going to some fancy car show, and showing up the sales guy by buying all the cars, but they never actually go into any sort of details of what cars they just bought or why. The cars are just extras in the movie that the producer want you to forget as soon as you see them.

Plot Holes


The story line revolves around some bomb that the criminal are trying to find parts for, but really the bomb itself never makes an appearance or plays to big part in the movie. You could exchange bomb parts with twinkies and it wouldn’t really make a difference to the plot.


The movie has plenty of extraordinary action sequences that make you really respect the special effects team together and at the same time making you shake your head for the writer and producers to come up with such extraordinary stupid reasons for putting them there in the first place. You really need two people jumping or getting launched off of a moving tank into the air only both to survive?


Next you have an under cover criminal agent hanging out with the good guys who could easily just shoot them all at any time and they would stop following them, instead the person continues to “help” the team out until one of the final scenes where they shows their true colors (again for no reason) to leave with the criminals who mind you are in the middle of a military base.


Somehow the producers of the movie have to tie the series into The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which is the third movie in the series, but now takes place after the 6th movie, so now its they 7th? or is it the 6th? To get there anyways they have to go on and kill off Gisele (who dies is the most useless way) to get Han off to Tokyo to die in Tokyo Drift.

The Fast and The Furious 6 (2013)

The closing scene of the movie has them trying to stop a plane from taking off and they do ridiculous things to drive onto the plane or shoot arrows into the plan to get it to stop and this was the funniest thing i found on imgur about the sequence.


As for probably the best part of the movie was the transition scene that transitions Fast 6 to Fast 3 is where you see how Han dies in Fast 3, but they go ahead and take it a step further to show Jason Statham come out of the Benz that hit Han, and go ahead and blowned him up, right before giving Dominic a call. See you at Fast 7!


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