In my 20s i always had a dream about working in New York, and finally in my 30s i got to do it. Although our consulting gig is a little more plush than it would have been in my 20s, considering thats they paid for a town car to pick us up from the airport and put us in a two bedroom condo just blocks from the office. This makes it nice and fake at the same time because we don’t have to fight the crowds of the subway or need to walk multiple miles to get into work, because i hate sitting down and being sweaty.


While the main office looks like a 16 year old’s bedroom with lots of colorful dresses and printouts all over the walls and floor, we’re working on a different floor with all the web guys where they work in the dark, and all the walls are bare.

work-nyc-6Lunch in the area is pretty interesting with most of the cafes all have the same deal with a sandwich station, pasta station, and a large salad bar like Wholefoods has. There are plenty of people who go out for food so the sidewalks can get pretty crowded but i like the red tables that are right outside the building so you have lunch in the sun.


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