This week was really interesting and pretty eye opening when it came to New York life. Of all the other times i’ve gone was strictly for vacation, with no real schedule, and things planned out day by day. This week Jonathan and I were on a pretty normal schedule getting into work around 9am, grabbing lunch at noon, and out of the office by 5pm. This was actually pretty nice since it gave us some purpose everyday, because after work we were always lost with what to do.


It usually started with looking for something to eat (since we were in no position to actually cook), which led up to having a few drinks, and finally heading back home around 8 or 9pm. While we did do that for the five days it got really old by the end of it. There were some major thoughts I had during our week here with time to think about it.

Just walking around the city I never could get a sense of why anyone would want to open up some mom and pop restaurant, or bar in the city since there’s 20 if you just spin in a 360. I can’t really see how one place differentiates itself from the same shop just down the street.

The other thing we realized was all the difficulties there are being in the city with kids. In Chinatown we passed by a few after school programs and Jonathan would just groan with having to do that with his kids.

Lastly the weather can be such a mystery. I knew going into the trip that the weather was going to pretty variable. Even so, every day i really couldn’t plan on what to wear. One day was really nice, high 70s, and the next day the freezing rain came to play.


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