Originally when we had learned that we were headed out to New York i was disappointed that the usual group of people that we knew in New York all moved back to their home states. I had totally forgotten that we have a whole new set of friends calling New York home.

work-nyc-3After our first day of work we met up with our Alessandro and Ariane for drinks and dinner who referred our client to us. They’re friends from LA who now live in WIlliamsberg and they showed us around this up and coming town. We had dinner then to the Wythe Hotel that had a great view of the Manhattan skyline. Thankfully its only one stop across the river so getting back home was pretty easy.


Thursday night we met up with Azad, brother of Aziz, and former employee who now is working in Manhattan. We met up with him at a yuppy bar near Union Square Park, and had a drink before moving on to more divey locations around St. Marks, where we could get 5 shots for $10.


We needed to something other than just drink so we tried to go shoot some pool, and instead wound up playing darts which was free.



We finally ended the night over some hotdogs and a game of 1943 at Crif Dogs. We tried to get into Please Don’t Tell, but there was a 30 minute waiting list, and in reality we belonged outside.

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