I can’t believe that my sister’s kid is already 1 year old. Feels like yesterday that Kaylee was still just a fat ball of a human, and now she’s a babbling, walking machine. The whole family came down from SF to celebrate with family this weekend and we had much fun.

kaylee-2 kaylee-3

We ditched the baby on Friday night and went out to dinner at M.B. Post in Manhattan Beach which i’ve been meaning to go to for over a year, and randomly made RSVP for that night so it was perfect timing. It was a fun and tasty evening of just adults.


Saturday was the big day that was a luau theme, with lots of hawaiian food, and a Nemo themed cake. It was funny how many people were so excited when they learned it was a Paradise Cake from King’s Hawaiian.


Sunday morning Nina met up with Joy and I back at Manhattan Beach to enjoy some ice cream for breakfast, and enjoy the sun on the sand. We also went to the Aquarium at the end of the pier to check out the fishies. After some fun time we went back to Cerritos for some Dim Sum with our parents.



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