This week i’m i New York with Jonathan to finish up a project for a client. We took the red-eye flight Saturday night and arrived Sunday morning. The company we’re working for reserved a towncar for us to take us to their condo that they own in the city. We didn’t know that we would be sharing it with other people, and so we thought it was initially awkward so we left to explore the city.


We started out by getting some coffee and bagels, and searched for a place that Jon could go get a hair cut and shave.



Afterwards we headed down to SOHO to check out some of the shops, but most were still opening so we decided to go look for a bar. We walked and walked, and were utterly confused that we couldn’t find a place open at 11am. We finally found one open in the Lower East Side and started off with a Bloody Mary, and a Guinness. At the Hair of the Dog was where we learned about New York Brunch. Liquor isn’t allowed to be sold until 12pm, and its an all day affair to recover from the night of partying Saturday night. Thats why we had such a difficult time finding something to drink in the morning! We actually saw multiple people come to bar to pick up their credit cards and IDs from the night before that they left at the bar.


For food we were near Chinatown so we headed to Vanessa’s Dumplings House for some cheap eats. For $7 we ordered two orders of fried dumplings and 2 orders of steamed dumplings. We scarfed them down in the middle of the street then headed back to the bar for a few more beers.


After finishing a few more beers we started to explore the city again and ended up on St. Marks Place where all the Japanese food is in the city. We were pretty tired, but didn’t want to go all the way back to our place in Hells Kitchen so instead we went to get a Chinese 30 minute massage. Of course i fell asleep half way through but felt very refreshed afterwards.



We got a recommendation from Bryant to check out an Italian place but i know Jonathan and i know he’d really appreciate a bowl of noodles instead. We check out Ippudo which is suppose to be really good. We put our name down and waited an hour for a text message that our table was ready. The ramen pretty good, but the pork belly that i added seemed a bit overdone. What i really liked was the cucumber appetizer which was cut in front of us and was really really tasty. After dinner we headed back home and i passed out snoring away.



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