During our trip in Maui we spent the majority of our time at Kaanapali Beach just north of Lahaina. We spent two afternoons lounging underneath umbrellas, drinking some beers and just relaxing. Nina brought along two pairs of snorkel gear so each couple took turns using them to swim around Black Rock and look at all the fish.


The real excitement happened both days when a few turtles decided to swim close to shore. There was one that was swimming back out to the ocean and swam underneath Joy which surprised her and freaked her out for a second.


Far out into the ocean there were some humpback whales passing by, spouting up water, and breaching a few times too. I had a little fun shooting this photo through my binoculars. Next time we are definitely staying at the Maui Sheraton so that we can just walk out of the hotel and get right on the beach.

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