Its been almost three years since my last trip to the islands and finally we were able to coordinate it with the sister, along with jason and jia and booked a trip to Maui. We got a 3 bedroom, 3 bath vacation rental at the Puanama Resort just a few miles away from Lahaina. It also coincided with Joy and my 4th Wedding Anniversary so as custom we celebrated with family.


Joy and I arrived on Friday first and picked up our rental van for the week from Alamo and headed to Da Kitchen for a late lunch which is just 5 minutes away from the airport. We ordered the Fried Spam Musubi, and a bowl of Wonton Saimin noodle soup. The Fried Spam Musubi was probably my favorite thing i ate all week and the saimin was delicious even in all the humidity of Hawaii.

da-kitchen-fried-spam-musubi da-kitchen-wonton-saiminAfter lunch we went to K-mart across the street to pickup some toiletries which was of course more expensive (about a 20% markup) but still much cheaper than having to check in luggage for $50 Round Trip. Finally my sister arrived and we quickly headed to drop off all our stuff at our house so we could make it to our 5:00pm dinner rsvp at Star Noodle in Lahaina.


The place was packed when we arrived and plenty of people waiting for a seat so it totally worked out to make rsvp a week earlier. We went family style and ordered up about half of the menu to share highlighted by the Ahi Avo  (the best Poke we had on our trip), Filipino “Bacon & Eggs” (delicious Crispy Pork Belly), and Garlic Noodles (a very homey flavor). We were disappointed that Chef Sheldon from Top Chef wasn’t there, but we were still excited try out the food.


Star-Noodle-Filipino-Bacon-EggsAfter dinner we went to FoodLand to pickup food supplies for the rest of the week, including plenty of spam, eggs, beer, and the second best Poke we had on our trip. I also bought another of my favorite insulated grocery bags, and this time a Poke one.



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