I always makes lists of things to do beyond what i think is actually possible but i find i’m happier traveller if i’m never left to wonder what else there is to do. Even with only 3 full days on the island i think we were able to do quite a bit.


Sunday afternoon we headed to the far west part of the island to attempt to go snorkeling at Honolua Bay. When we got there it was a bit tricky to find where to park and find the beach (we never did). We stopped along a bluff and checked out the scene and saw that the beach was pretty rocky and that the snorkeling looked pretty far into the bay so we just hung out for a few minutes before heading back home.



Monday morning we headed back up to the north part of the island to do a little hiking at Iao Needle. I obviously did not do my homework because i prepared for a good hour long hike but in reality it was a five minute hike. Its like walking up three flights of stairs to a little hut that faces the Iao Needle (the pointy mountain in the picture).


After the short hike we headed back down south to the Maui Ocean Center to check out the fish with out the need of a snorkel mask. Its not a big place but definitely a good place to check out on any day thats gloomy or if you have a few hours to kill.


Maui Swap Meet
Kula Country Farms
Iao Valley State Park
Kula Botanical Gardens
Honolua Bay
Maui Ocean Center

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