Saturday afternoon was spent at Joy’s family’s house to celebrate Chinese New Years, and afterwards we went home to do some cooking and cleaning because we were told not to do any cleaning on Sunday. Something about sweeping your fortune away or something like that.

Saturday night we were getting really lazy, but we forced our butts out of the house and went out to Next Door by Josie, which happens to be next door to Josie. We were looking for something light to eat, and we’ve been to the parent restaurant Josie a few years ago for my birthday and thought we should give it a shot.

beer-bacon-popcorn deviled-eggs meat-cheese

We focused on half glasses of European wines and little bites and was very happy about everything we ordered. The Beer and Bacon popcorn were sweet and crunchy, the deviled eggs were savory, and the meat and cheese plate were a fun plate of different tastes on the palette.

Full Yelp Review

titos-tacoAfterwards we wanted to enjoy the westside a little longer and got some what i coined that night, Fancy Jack in the Box tacos at Tito’s Tacos. Its a icon of fried tacos that can get stupid busy during the day, and in reality they’re not super good, but its basically a place to go when you need some greasy food.



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