Saturday morning the first official meeting of the #topsecretcarpentersclub. A completely public group of friends brought together to cut, sand and assemble projects straight out of our mind into reality. This all started off with my first project, and spurred a lot of interest in friends who probably spend too much time in front of a computer and not enough time getting their hands dirty.

The first project for the group were some long standing tables to use in the office. The theory is that Jonathan and i share an office now and complain that we spend all day sitting, slouching, getting fatter, and getting flatter asses.  If we could have tables where we could just stand and work, or pull up a stool that we would be more productive and maybe lose a little weight too.

No construction site is complete without a pink box of donuts and coffee of course.


Our plans were rough and most measurements were done in our head, but we had a rough idea of what we needed to do and got started cutting and sanding the wood. The dimensions were 96″ x24″x40″ and using a combination of 4×4″ for legs, 2×4″ frame, and a plywood for the top. My buddy Robby did most of the design with knowledge that his grandfather passed down to him and it was a big help just learning the basics that he was taught years ago.


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