joy-cakesJoy turned 33 on Saturday and it was a weekend full of fun for her. On Friday i did something i’ve never done before, and actually sent flowers to her work. She honestly thought she had a secret admirer and had no idea it was from me!

Saturday evening we met up with her friends at Thai Nakorn in Stanton for a feast of fried fish, papaya salad, and she somehow ended up with three cakes! I bought her a vanilla/coconut/pineapple cake from SusieCakes, Mevelyn bought her a coffee cake, and May bought her a cheesecake. We were so stuffed from dinner we barely touched any of them.

joy-star-toursSunday morning we woke up early and went to Disneyland before going to Shane’s birthday lunch. It was pretty cool getting there in the morning because we were able to go on Star Tours twice, Space Mountain, and Indiana Jones twice in about two hours.



I did get Joy’s heart racing when i made her jump the line to go on Indiana the second time. After the first time we exited the ride on the right side and had to go up the stairs to exit, but there was a gap in the queue line, so i just hopped over the rope and got back in line. All the cast members said happy birthday to her the first time around so she was a bit hesitant but she acquiesced and hopped over and was praying we didn’t get noticed.



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