Joy and I are now in the minority of those who have and do not have kids. Lucky for our friends with kids is that we’re Disneyland experts and we’ve got free hands to help out. Saturday afternoon Joy’s friends Emily and Thao decided to get annual passes now that their little ones are old enough to be out and about for a few hours a day now. Zoe and Quinn got their first taste of Disneyland and the last showing of the Holiday it’s a small world ride before it gets converted back to the original ride. I had dinner plans so after the ride i met up with Thomas and went to dinner with the guys.



Sunday Jonathan texted me in the morning for some co-dad help with bringing Noah and Naomie to Disneyland while Janelle studied for her MCATs. It was a chilly morning but we all bundled up and had a good time. We let the kids decide what rides they wanted to go on and just made a route accordingly to those rides.



I’m glad that Naomie warmed up to us and wasn’t clingly to papa wang and actually rode with Joy and I on most of the rides. She even scored quite well on the Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters for not actually pointing the gun anywhere and just kept pulling the trigger the entire time. Half way through the ride i actually pointed out that she had scored more points than Joy, and thats when Joy really put in her concentration on the game.

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