Kids are coming from everywhere! This weekend was a non-stop kid fest from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. Saturday we headed to La Mirada to attend Sariah’s 6th birthday. Its been a while since i’ve hung out the old neighborhood guys, and there we got to meet Jeff and Tina’s new kid Matthew and Madeline, along with Brian and Erika’s 3 kids, and of course Steve and Rachel’s Sariah and Koen.


Sunday afternoon Jonathan said that he was exploring new parks so i told him to go to Heritage Park, but too bad the island was closed. Naomie had a good time on the playground and swings, but Noah wasn’t having it but he eventually cheered up once he got some popcorn into his stomach.

benji-30daysIn the evening we went to Celine and Paul’s new baby Benji’s 1st 30 days celebration at Top Island Seafood in Alhambra. I actually didn’t know it was going to be a banquet dinner but was totally happy when all the food started coming out. It was another big gathering of friends with children, and Joy and I are now one of the last to have a kid. Crazy how fast that changes, considering we were one of the first to get married.


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