Joy and I spent Christmas Day by ourselves after the long day before at Disneyland. We reached out to friends about getting dim sum but without anyone able to meet up with drove out to Arcadia for some Xiao Long Baos at Din Tai Fung. We weren’t the only ones thinking that as we were faced with an hour and half wait for a table and we braved out the hunger until we got seated. We feasted on a bunch of soup dumplings, fried rice and chicken soup and it was well worth it.


After lunch i needed to walk off some of the food and decided to check out the Santee Alley to hang out with the Mexicans. Not many places are open on Christmas and itt was pretty busy. Ireally got tempted on bringing home a bunny, but of course we didn’t. It felt like any other back alley shopping area around the world with lots of fake movies, purses, and street vendors selling fruits and corn.



In the evening we enjoyed a quiet night at home watching Bourne Legacy and enjoy a home made short-rib stew with some stove-top stuffing. I really made up the recipe in my head and happy it came out really well, especially the next day when it had time to develop more flavor.


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