Saturday Joy and I headed over to her friend Thao’s house for their annual Christmas Party. They’ve got a friend Tom who’s a chef at Cheesecake Factory and has cooked up a feast last year, and he was back again to go over the top once again. There were vases of slab bacon, trays of blue crab rolls, and a huge spread of food to fill everyone up. We baked up our first perfect batch of macarons for the party and filled them with an Earl Gray Tea Ganache which was delicious.

Expecting people to stay late they even ordered large pots of bun bo hue which were left in the backyard for late night eating, but i couldn’t wait and had it for dessert after i cleared off a few plates of food.

bacon bun-buhue


It was a fun party and we skipped out on the Gift Exchange this year, and spent the time just hanging out with Emily’s kid Zoe. We don’t get so crazy anymore and we skipped out early to head to the magical house to see Nina who drove down from SF all afternoon.

emily-zoe presents

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