December weekends get filled up so fast with various holiday parties i had to book my very own the first weekend of December. Its one of those sad realizations during the year when you notice that you haven’t seen certain people for an entire year and so it was time to get together with the old Costa Mesa Roommates for a feast.

With a few new additions and another on its way we had to have it at Robin’s spacious recently completed house. I asked everyone to bring something to eat and i’m so proud that everyone actually cooked something and the only thing store bought were the crescent rolls. (which i found out not many people have had before!)

For the main course Robin cooked a beautiful 10lb coffee crusted prime rib, along with pecan tartlets, . Joy and i made corn chowder, mashed sweet potatoes and macarons. Ben and Tiffany made cornish game hens, a lemon tart, chocolate pudding. Shane and Joann made bbq riblets and cheesy potato hash. Jon and Janelle made fried rice. Andy and Jennifer made baked fried chicken and veggies.

The kids even had a table to themselves and were pretty good (and quiet) while they ate. I think Noah has a new found love of Crescent Rolls along with Milo Milk.

Lots of wine was consumed and stories shared and its always makes me thankful for December get togethers as a reason to see everyone again. Weekends throughout the year seem never free with endless birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and kid things that we’re having to plan fake holidays as a reason to get together now.


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