Christmas time in my family usually doesn’t involve much, but this year we decided with a new family member in Kaylee Jane it was time to start a new tradition of going to Disneyland on Christmas Eve. From my days at working at the park i knew that it was actually the best day to do go during the two weeks between Christmas and New Years.


There was rain in the forecast but we bundled up, brought the rain shield for the stroller and headed out early in the morning. We started off at Disney’s California Adventure so that Nina could see the new Carsland and ride on the Radiator Springs Racer. Kaylee’s frist ride was Flik’s Flyers which seemed to enjoy, unlike my mom who got a little dizzy.



Around noon we headed over to Disneyland when it started to rain, and rain pretty hard for a good 20 minutes. We had to eat our corn dogs in the rain, but we powered through until the sun came back out. Kaylee in the process decided to take her afternoon nap and so we circled around the park a few times until she woke up in time to go on Finding Nemo which she enjoy up until it went into the cave and then all hell broke loose. She cried and cried and felt so bad for everyone else in the submarine.




We actually were able to go on a lot of rides even with the kid in tow. The crazy thing was that we were able to stay in the park all the way through the fireworks and the last showing of Fantasmic! It was a very fun time and can’t wait for next year.

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