I thought i was done with weddings last year but i guess you continuously make friends from all corners  in your life and i’m thankful i can still make friends as i get older. Once we got back from Europe it was a nonstop wedding month with weddings three weeks in a row.

The first one was for my accountant/friend Sung at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange which i’ve always seen going to the block or driving down the 5 freeway but never stepped foot in. Its a grand church with a huge pipe organ walls that open up to the outside, and fountains shoot up that can be controlled for effect. It was a dry wedding so it was a very peaceful wedding with a dinner in the courtyard and lots of Korean food to feast on.

The following week was Joy’s ex-coworker at College Hospital Kathleen and Alex who we’ve hung out a few times and took a trip to Vegas with too. Their wedding was a step up in terms of production level because Filipinos know how to throw a party. The reception was out in San Dimas so i wasn’t really planning on drinking much but Joy’s other coworkers are a fun bunch at we threw back a few drinks and had a really good time. Thankfully i came to my senses the day before and booked a hotel room at the nearby Sheraton Onatario so we didn’t have to drive an hour home.

The last wedding of the bunch was the most important with it being Joy’s last college girlfriend Shelly to get wed. This was the biggest, most organized of the bunch with of course with the most people that we knew. The wedding was extra interesting with me arriving back from Las Vegas in the afternoon and heading straight the reception. It was an all night affair and at the end of the night having a Burger Truck dishing out hot burgers and fries helped everyone sober up.

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