Thanksgiving morning i work up at 6:30am as per my usual weekday schedule and left my 6:45am alarm on that work up Joy. Since we were both up, I called him up and took him to Disneyland to make use of our Premium Pass. It was busier than i expected but still got on to Radiator Springs Racers, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Soaring over California in three hours.

Once back home it was full speed ahead on cooking for the night’s dinner at Joy’s cousin’s house. I ended up making Porchetta since i’ve been thinking about making it ever since leaving Italy. Joy made some Pecan Candied Sweet Potatoes. We finished up at 4:30 and rushed up to North Hollywood where everyone was waiting for us before eating.

Pat and company filled out the rest of the table with a Turkey, Costco Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, and green beans.

For dessert we celebrate two of the kid’s birthday with an ice cream cake and we were all done by 7pm. It was a long day and very fulfilling.

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