An important aspect of social media that i find that most people don’t realize is that there’s so much information and inspiration that can really get you to learn new things. I might use Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram mainly for food eating, but from a few friends (@ravenouscouple  @lesdothis) i’ve learned a few things about construction, design, and execution. So the day after Thanksgiving i took a shot at making my own buffet table for my dining area. I might have spent $100 dollars at Home Depot in the process, but if i have had all the tools already the table top would’ve only cost me $18. I ordered some legs on which is the bulk of the cost of the table, but its made out of really high quality wood, and still is only about 10% of the tables from Crate and Barrel.

The measurements were basically made on the fly at Home Depot after looking at the different lengths available and so i picked up a 10′ long 2″ thick piece of premium douglas wood and had the worker cut me two 4′ long pieces and three 8″ pieces and made a double shelf table which will give me additional storage space. I really should’ve had them even out the three pieces but didn’t so ended up with only two pieces were even enough to use as side pieces. Good thing the wood is so strong i have no doubt that it’ll hold up ao anything i have to throw at it.

Getting back to Jonathan’s house we setup a work station behind the house and started off by sanding each piece of wood down to a smooth surface then moved on to staining in with a black oil stain which really brought out the really cool wood grain of each piece. Thats as far as we got as it needed a day to dry and probably needs to be sanded down on more time and re-stained before the legs arrive later next week.

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