After a week of travelling through Italy it was time to end out trip in Venice. We only had planned a day and a half in Venice, and it was plenty for what we wanted to do. We didn’t even stay on the island and instead stayed mainland at Mestre which is only a 15 minute bus ride away.

Once on the island you’re pretty much on your own as there are no free maps and really you don’t need one unless you have somewhere other than St. Mark’s Square or the Rialto Bridge to go to. Throughout the island are signs pointing to those two spots and while you may still get lost you’re not far from another sign pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Our guide book said that there aren’t too many Venetians living on the island anymore because the government regulates how much work you can do on your house, and the cost of anything is so much more since everything has to be brought in by boat and hand carried in since all the streets are so narrow, and that goes for the trash too. I felt really bad for these trash guys, and the delivery boys who had to go up so many bridges with their dollies of goods and food.

Since we were on vacation i didn’t dwell on living there too much. Joy and I spent most of our time in Venice just getting lost in the labyrinths of passage ways only to emerge into another piazza and most likely another gelato store. I really enjoyed all the bridges that bind the city together and I could just imagine what a great place to play hide and go seek as a kid would’ve been.

With Euros running low we had to make the most of our cash on cheap eats and drinks, mainly consisting of slices of pizza (2‚¬), cups of espresso (1‚¬), or at Brek which was a cafetria style restaurant with serve yourself wine carafes (3.30‚¬). We didn’t get much internet time but when we could find some we took a nice long break to catch up with the world and figure out what else there was to do. Most of the time was looking for the H&M located in the middle of the island.

Eventually we made our way to the Rialto Bridge which is basically the half way point to St. Marks Square where everything seems to stop and takes a break to take a picture. There’s a bunch of shops and and eateries on the bridge and is one of the main bridges that spans across the Grand Canal

St. Mark’s Square was a huge gathering spot for people and thats pretty much it. I didn’t feel like waiting in line to go up the clock tower or the Church of St. Marks so we just stood around a few minutes looking up and around and not much else.

As much as i wanted to take a gondola ride i really couldn’t justify paying 100‚¬ to take a boat ride and they don’t even sing. You actually have to hire a separate singer if you want to be serenaded while on your ride. After watching some of the boats pass by i’m glad i didn’t as there seem to be a traffic jam around some of more popular points in the city and that just isn’t that cool.

As the sun started to set and after nine days on my feet i was ready to head back to my hotel room to pack up for the early morning flight, until i came to my senses and thought we had to stay until it got dark in the city. We setup camp at a water front cafe and just enjoyed our last half liter of wine just enjoying the view and watching the cruise ship pass by.

WIth a nice little buzz we walked around St. Mark’s one more time before hopping onto a Vaporetto to take a ride on the river back to the bus terminal.

Our last adventure was figuring out how to get from our hotel to the airport. I had originally planned to take the bus but after looking into it again i wasn’t entirely sure that we would be able to make it to our 6:45am flight. So i went to our concierge to see how much a taxi or shuttle would cost and after calculating Hotel city tax (that you have to pay in cash) we found a shuttle that would cost us our last 40‚¬.

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