From Paris to Rome is a two hour flight but are worlds apart. The cool weather was replaced by warm humid air that seemed a little less put together. At the airport the backpackers seemed to put number the locals and that trend would follow us for the rest of our journey through Italy.

Upon exiting the plane we hit with the warmth and humidity of Italy straight in our faces. The process of getting from the plane terminal to train station was a bit of mess with confusing signage and when we got there we decided to skip out on the train to termini station and just took a shuttle straight to our B&B. Too bad when we got there it started to rain and our host was no where to be found. We then had to stop by the McDonald’s on the corner to get out of the rain and figure out a way to contact him by phone (fail) or internet (fail). Eventually he showed up and let us in to our place which was a little sparse for what i thought a B&B was going to be.

After getting settled we took a walk in the rain exploring randomly. We were at least prepared for the rain by bringing our own umbrellas, and it was kind of fun to see the city in a different sort of light. We even saw some poor bike group having to make their way through the city getting soaked by the rain.

We were pretty tired from our two full days of walking in Paris so we didn’t spend too much time in the rain and soon headed back for a bite to eat near our place. We chose this place mainly because they took credit card, and i knew at least that they cooked their pizza in a wood burning oven and weren’t going to microwave some left over food. The glasses of Peroni were cheap, and the people sitting next to us got a kick out of taking pictures of our food and our beer.


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