After two days of constantly running around Paris going from site to site it was nice to take a night and meet up with an old college friend Tony who got married to a French girl and moved over seas. We started off hanging out at one of his late night spots which he compared to Denny’s, Le Tambour where we snacked on some various pig meat, and a few pints of beers. While Tony ate a steak frites, Joy and I shared a French Onion soup which had half the amount of onions and twice the amount of cheese in the soup.

After we had filled up with some food we took a stroll down the street for some whiskey and continue out discussion about the differences in the mindset between the French and Americans, and how there’s so much possibilities to get all sorts of clients but its so difficult to run in a business because of all the social services built in to the work society. (If you get laid off,  you get a year’s salary).

With a flight to catch in the morning, we had to cut the night a little shorter than i probably could’ve gone. Since we had such a light dinner we were hungry walking back to our apartment and figured that we haven’t had a crepe yet, so we headed to a corner shop with a line down the street. We ordered a Nutella, and Coconut crepe which was HUGE, and warm and gooey. After scarfing down the crepe we headed back to our place but stumbled upon a fry shop and got one last snack to eat back at home.

The strangest thing i found about Paris was that there is nothing open at 7am in the city. While waiting for our cab to the airport i tried to find a boulangerie to find a croissant and coffee to snack on, but as i was walking around the city the only thing open were the bars still. There weren’t a lot of people in them, but there were people still up from the night before still drinking, people peeing in the streets, couples fighting, and this one girl stumbling around who eventually just decided to take a nap in the middle of the street.

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