I just learned a new term, “Champagne Baby” basically meaning that people with birthdays in and around September most likely were conceived around New Years, hence the Champagne. I don’t know why, probably because i was bored but i decided to bake to celebrate two friend’s birthdays this weekend.

I like to mash up things that i think would be good in my head, and 90% someone else has done the leg work for me and put up a recipe online for me to follow already. This time around i wanted to make a keylime cheesecake so i found one that looked simple enough and made a test version of it on Thursday. It came out well enough that i decided to cut a couple slices to bring to Roland on Friday night since we were going out to NOHO to have some birthday drinks.

Saturday morning i had to adjust the recipe and made another one for Thao’s Birthday which came out much better than the first one. (click here for adjusted Recipe). It was a great dessert to follow up some really good vietnamese beef soup that they bought in bulk at a shop in the SGV and stick meat which were so fatty and good. Not your typically Labor Day weekend BBQ, but it was really delicious, especially when it got dark and the lit the backyard up with fluorescent lights which made me feel like i was back in Thailand eating on the street.


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