Since Labor Day is on a Monday and Hospitals are never closed Joy had to go into work for the morning which meant i had some free time to go play a round of golf with some of my basketball teammates. We booked a 7am tee time at Whittier Narrows which is an interesting setup where its 3 different 9 holes which you can basically make your own 18 hole course. Due to the lack of consistant play i’ve developed a hook to my drive and is very inconsistant which i’m not very happy about, since it used to be the only thing i could rely on. Ended up shooting a 105 and make a couple pars and an actual birdie.

After Joy got off work we wanted to take advantage of the sun and headed out to Hermosa Beach and happened upon the Fiesta Hermosa which basically shut down all the streets around the pier. We happily walked around, checked out some of the booths, but skipped out on the food and walked up the hill and bought a bottle of wine and took it to eat at Frito Misto ($2 corkage per person). After a whole bottle of wine we needed to walk it off so we walked back down to the beach to touch the sand and get in our picture with the sun setting.

Once back home, i had my last Fantasy Football draft of the year. I’m in a total of 4 leagues with two that i’ve actually invested money into. After so much football research i’m really itching to put some bets in Vegas this weekend during this year’s LVI Basketball Tournament.

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