On Wednesday September 26 at 9pm we took Air France to fly 10 hours to Paris France. The flight was pretty smooth except for a little turbulence, slept a few hours, and finally got to watch Brave, and The Lorax. Our arrival time was at 5pm Thursday September 27 but took two hours to get through customs and get our baggage.

Once we gathered all our belongings we waited for the Roissey Bus to take us into the city. We had our first issue with using our credit cards in Europe (they use sim cards instead of magnet strips) buying tickets at the kiosk but thankfully the bus driver would also accept cash. It took 30 minutes to get into the city and on the bus we got our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.

We finally got dropped off at the Opera House and then had to use our maps to figure out where we were and which way to our Apartment Rental. Once we arrived our Host Fredrick lived in the apartment next door and showed us our stay for the next three nights. It was an awesomely modern place with IKEA furniture and a real nice standup shower and separate toilet. He gave us some maps and brochures and showed us the best ways to get to all the attractions. It was all pretty helpful.

The second great thing about the place is that its located in what was called an Arcade of different shops, restaurants and businesses. So since it was night out we headed downstairs to pick our first French meal of the trip. We chose L’Ami Marco which had a menu option of a App and Plate, or Plate and Dessert (which is quite common for Paris) for 12,50 ‚¬.

There were actual two menus, once written in French and one in English, but since we eat out so much i could actually understand the French menu, which happened to be different from the English one. Of course we wanted things on the French menu and ordered the Duck Terrine, Risotto with Shrimp, Beef Bourguignon, Chocolate Fondant for dessert, and course a few glasses of wine.

After dinner the night was still young, so we took a stroll down to the Seine River and i was a little giddy inside when i saw places that reminded me of various things i’ve seen in movies or pictures. The weather was very refreshing after an unusually hot September and it was nice to have the cold weather to put on a coat.

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