Since i’m headed to Paris for my birthday, Nina decided to fly down this weekend to celebrate, but somehow this became a secret from my dad. I had been in communication with Nina for the month knowing that she was coming down, and my mom knew too, but somehow it never got around to my dad (awfully strange in my family).

I picked up Nina, Jesse and Kaylee (aka Janie, Kumquat, Fatty,) from the Long Beach Airport, swung by chic-fil-a for some food, and popped into my parents house with my sister scaring the crap out of my dad. There was about a second of panic from my dad not knowing what was going on, but soon he realized that who was here. He had been talking earlier to my mom about driving up north to visit kumquat but now he doesn’t have to.

I’ve never seen my parents more excited for visitors and they quickly scooped up Kumquat, and took her away to play with her. It was pretty late already so she was getting really pooped, and she pooped and then it was off to bed.

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