With so many friends having kids in tow, i’ve been spending a lot of time with the under 4 foot crowd. Sunday afternoon Joy and I went on our morning run at the beach to work off the buffet dinner from the night before. Afterwards i wanted to check out Jonathan’s new fence and dropped by their house. Janelle had to go study so Jonathan spent the rest of the afternoon with us going to Thai Lai for some Pho. The day was nice and hot so we invited them over to our place to take a dip in the pool. While Noah is still pretty hesitant about getting his head in (like me), Namoie is straight plain crazy. Naomie has no problem standing on the side of the poll and just stepping in without anyone really paying attention to her. Its not even like she knows how to swim, and even just sinks to the bottom of the pool. You really had to keep your eyes on her.

After pool time i invited them in for some Ice Cream and to watch Duck Tales that i recently picked up from Costco. Noah loved it, and Jonathan spent the free time taking a nap.

In the evening I had my basketball game and Joy had to celebrate her friend getting into Pharmacy school so she dropped me off and i got a ride to the restaurant by a teammate. Unfortunately i misheard which restaurant they went to and ended up at coconut bay, instead of banana bay. Fortunately i had learned about a shave “snow” place called Class 302 by a couple different friends and it ended up being across the street.

Joy and a few of her friends came by and we feasted upon huge bowls of shaved ice with strawberries, and another green tea one with red beans. Of course there was a little one with them, and the funny thing is that she doesn’t really like eating anything other than rice and the picture below is her “i don’t want to eat it” face.

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