This year’s Annual Summer Hollywood Bowl Event was Pixar in Concert. Initially i wasn’t sure if i would even recognize the songs since those don’t necessarily have scores as strong as say Star Wars but figured i would get most of them. I was wrong, all the songs were very memorable once they started playing. The concert was 2 hours long and hit every movie at least once, and while some weren’t as powerful (cars 2, toy story 2, wall-e), others almost brought a tear to my eyes (up, toy story 3), and others were just plain fun to listen to (ratatouille, incredibles).

As a first also this year it we decided to take the shuttle from Torrance instead of driving ourselves there. With the amount of wine we usually drink, and the traffic that always occurs on the 101 it was worth the $5/person to do it. It takes a little more planning in the beginning but the return trip was so worth it. You don’t have to walk down the hill to Hollywood and Highland, or get stuck in one of those stacked parking lots, and having to deal with the hour drive home. The shuttles are just at the bottom of the Hollywood Bowl and have direct access to the freeway so its a quick ride home.

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