The thing that amazes me is that the original Total Recall came out in 1990, and i’ve watched it probably 20 times, and to this day i still don’t understand the movie. Was he, or wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger a spy or not, or a double agent? There was the mystery of mars, and the mutants that lived there and i enjoyed the campyness of the whole story line.

With the 2012 release of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell i was hoping for more of the same but when i left i was pretty much bored. The concept of the movie was the same with a guy who feels like he should be living a life that isn’t him and the world comes crashing down after visiting Rekall, but unfortunately it became less of a suspense/mystery movie into, a white version of iRobot. I fell asleep half way into the movie, and so did Ben. I would normally blame the beers i had before the movie, but really it just couldn’t keep my attention. The plot was weak, acting was ok, and the only thing going for it were the women in the movie.

Kate Beckinsale has worked out a pretty nice career playing the hot girl that can kick ass, while Jessica Biel is pretty enough and has a body which makes you believe that she could half way pull off the stunts in the movie. Of course the scene that i remember most of the first movie was the hooker with three boobs, and ever since comic-con i knew there would a repeat appearance of the same character but really it was such a waste. It felt like she was put in there because everyone expected her to be in it, and had zero point in the scene.

It’ll be another movie you’ll eventually see every saturday afternoon, but i’ll probably skip it then too.

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