Monday is officially Naomie Wang’s 2nd birthday but her parents decided to go to Disneyland on Friday to celebrate. Most of our friends have annual passes so it had to be inevitable that the Wangs bought them too so it worked out for everyone. The Wangs picked me up in the morning and drove me out there so i could use my free parking and also so that Brock could pick me up for golf later in the day.

The day happened as i expected by having to stand in the loooong line for Radiator Springs Racers, then taking our time to gather together everyone to eat lunch, and afterwards the girls went on the Little Mermaid ride while the boys played in the water fountain. Before you knew it, the time was 3:00pm and it was time for me to leave.

With so many little ones (5) things just don’t happen as quickly as i’m used to doing but i didn’t care since i go to Disneyland all the time anyways. I’m learning a lot of the strollers, packing and planning involved with living with children and there are plenty of notes that i need to write myself before i have one of my own.

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