Every week we drive pass the Redondo Beach Theater on the way to the Beach, and for the past few months i’ve seen advertisements for Avenue Q, but unfortunately the website is in Flash so i could never look it up on the phone to check it out. I can imagine why they they would have trouble selling tickets, but wouldn’t you know that discount tickets started showing up on LivingSocial.com.

If you don’t know what the show is, its basically an adult version of Sesame Street. With puppets and live actors interacting with each other in a musical manner. There are very much adult theme songs like If You Were Gay, or The Internet Is For Porn. I didn’t actually know what it would be like, but it still wasn’t what i expected. Still it was funny enough, but for once Joy started to fall asleep so at intermission we decided to go home and home only being 5 miles away was nice. Joy had been fighting a sinus headache from the previous day so it was best not to have her suffer through another hour in the dark.

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