The 8th Annual COC Golf Tournament occurred this past weekend, back once again for another 36 holes of golf at the La Quinta Resort & Club.  We avoided having to rush there Saturday morning by spending the night, which meant an extra night of hanging out and drinking which probably wasn’t the best idea for myself, but it did create some memorable non-golf moments for the weekend.

We booked a tee time at the Greg Norman course on Saturday morning and the Jack Nicklaus on Sunday.  We were lucky enough to escape the 110+ degree weather from the previous weeks, but the temperature was still in the low triple digits. The two courses are on the same property, and are completely different in terms of features but share the uncanny ability to make balls to disappear. The Norman course has lots of desert with these bushes that will just eat balls, while the Nicklaus course has some unkept rough that will send your ball into the abyss even if you have an idea of where your ball should be. Shooting under 100 was basically out of the question if you couldn’t stay in the fairway but you only had to be one less than the other guys.

I wasn’t particularly great on Saturday after a night of drinking and the heat really started to get to me and by the end of the 9th hole i just wanted to go back to the hotel, head to the pool and just relax. Needless to say i was out of the running for the trophy by the end of day 1.

The prize for winning day 1 was getting your food and drinks paid for the night and Brock won that in a putt off with Roland since they tied for the day. Brock did his best to drink as much Grey Goose as possible and actually played pretty well the next day.

The day started off pretty well for Brock, but unfortunately he got caught in a bunker and carded a 10 and left any chance for his first championship on the table for anyone to take. I did my best to come back from starting the day 12 back, and i got four pars for the day, but it was just insurmountable. Roland and Brian traded strokes for the rest of the day, and going into the 36th hole Roland took a two stroke lead and used the extra strokes to take home the trophy for the second time in eight years. Once again Brock went home to a disappointed wife.

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