Weekends have changed from lots of eating and drinking to just eating with friends and family. This past Saturday Joy had to take her parents to run some errands so I met up with Jonathan and Noah to see if Noah was really interested in golf or not. Jonathan is the most knowledgable when it comes to golf so i had to share my knowledge with both of them. Of course this meant i was basically had to keep Noah from hitting the grass with his club, and not run into the path of backswings on the range. Pretty sure i destroyed any enjoyment that he thought about golf.

Sunday Joy and I thought we would cook dinner for our parents so we searched and searched for some fresh mussels and ending to having to buy the big 5lbs bag of them from Costco. We knew we only needed about half of that, but we couldn’t find them anywhere else. We also cooked up a steak, and some tasty garlic bread made from the extra garlic confit used for the mussels. After dinner we logged on and FaceTime’d it with Nina to say hello to Janie, and the dog.

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