I thought i was pretty much done with weddings since all my friends (minus Roland) are married and most of Joy’s friends married too. Who knew that the friends we’ve made in the past couple years would invite us to their wedding too. We met May and Tony through Emily just a couple years ago, and i guess we really bonded over some good nights of partying, and gorging on Boiling Crab.

Their wedding took place at the Altadena Country Club which is a new one for me and a very nice location for a ceremony and reception in one place. The wedding was in the morning and a pretty good drive for us and we just made it in time to catch the entire procession. Luckily we got there a little late so we didn’t/couldn’t cut through to get to the seats but it was actually much nicer up over looking the ceremony in the shade because by 10:30 am it was already into the 80°s. The ceremony was pretty quick and a good thing too because all the guest below ended have to use the program as a fan.

I was lucky enough to snap this awesome photo before she started her way down the aisle. I’m really started to get the hang of snapping photos with my iPhone, and at 8MP i really don’t feel the need to cary around my other point and shoot camera. I’m not sure if thats a blessing in disguise.

After the ceremony the wedding party went off to take pictures and everyone else was left cool off with some Wine “Coolers” that were wine with a peach syrup and seltzer which was really good, but acted as our breakfast for the morning which kind of scared me. The whole morning/afternoon wedding confused me as a didn’t know if should drink heavily as i normally would because the wedding would be over by 3pm and then i would have to go to sleep? I opted to taking it easy and just sticking to the fruity wine drink for the entire day.

One thing for sure is that May and Tony sure do like to dance, and they do it well. They had a four part first dance which included the waltz, along with some choreographed dancing to 112 Wifey, and finally a little shuffling to LMFAO. It made me realized that i really should’ve practiced dancing when i was younger, because it looked awesome.

The rest of the wedding flew by after eating our meal, some wedding games in the middle and of course a photo booth where we got to take home some souvenirs.

The wedding cake was one of the more tasty ones that i’ve had and even went back to get a second huge slice to finish off the day.

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