The final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series comes to the conclusion with Batman The Dark Knight Rises. This movie falls probably as my second favorite after The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger’s awesome performance as the Joker, which made me tighten the grip on the seat when he came on screen.

This movie was well done but created too many holes which made me think less about the plots in the story, but more the things left unsaid to get to the plots. Time passes by which you would assume would be days, ended up being months, characters come and go without a sense of depth in their history. Bane’s voice doesn’t match the character, and his ruthless dominance that he has throughout the movie gets washed away by the final battle scene.

Anne Hathaway plays Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman, which is never referenced, and i liked that) as best as she could, but still doesn’t seem to fit the part for me. The one thing that did fit was that skin tight pleather suit she had to straddle the motorcycle with. After the movie Joy knew exactly what i was thinking about as we were exiting the theater. Where do we get that outfit at?


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