I readily admit that i like Facebook’s public sharing of activities. I’m a man that loves information and knowing what’s going on with friends and family’s going ons. This past week i noticed that my old disney co-worker current LA Times writer Esme joined a evening hike and thought it looked fun and joined in on the event.

The Paseo Miramar trail to Parker Mesa overlook is out in the Pacific Palisades up at the top of some secluded neighborhood. The trail is 2.5 miles straight up that suppose to lead to an area that looks out to the ocean, but it was overcast all day, and we ended up hiking deeper into the fog.

When we got up it was like one big’ol party with people breaking out multiple bottles of wine and even some tequila showed up. We all shared some snacks and shared stories of how we all ended up going to this group event.

By the time we left it was pitch dark and we had to make our way down through the cloud with just the lights that we brought. It was very fun to get in a little exercise, drinking, and meeting new people.

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