Any holiday that falls on a Wednesday is the worst possible day to do so. Its right in the middle of the week so you can’t make a long weekend out of it, and it also means that i had nothing planned for the day.

Joy’s cousins typically always head down to Huntington Beach to play volleyball and eat at Sushi on Fire but this year a lot of the roads were closed so i told them just to go to Manhattan Beach instead. With Joy working in the morning, they came by to pick me up, and got down to the gloomy beach by 9:30am to find a good spot to spend the day. I set myself up with a little island as they called it so that i could relax and get some reading in. I wasn’t sure how my ankle would handle the sand so i declined playing volleyball for most of the day, but eventually played a few games before it started to get really sore.

Joy’s family always knows how to pack for an afternoon out and we got to feast on lots of thai meats and treats. Definitely not your run of the mill beach food.

For dinner we headed to Road to Seoul in KTown for some AYCE KBBQ. I can’t think of anywhere else that can accommodate 24 people so easily. My favorite meat is still the brisket and dipping it in a simple oil and salt mixture along with some pickled radish and rice noodles makes all of it go down so easily. For dessert we headed to Boba Time for some super concoction of shaved ice, red bean, green tea fruit something something.

We made it home before nightfall and hung out for the rest of the night there. I guess it wasn’t a big deal because the neighborhood outside my window decided to have their own show of illegal fireworks and we had an eye level view of it all. I think everyone decided to head out to the desert to buy them before the 4th because looking out into the city fireworks were going up everywhere.

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