The one thing we knew that we were going to do when Joy’s parents came back from Thailand was go to Las Vegas. We just happened to decide to go this pass weekend because we didn’t want to wait for fear of the weather being too unbearable, but i’m not sure if going in 105° was any better.

I rented a van through and ended up getting Hertz (which sucked) but nevertheless was fine. We picked up my parents on Saturday morning and made it up to Vegas in little over 4 hours even with two pitstops in Barstow, and the border. We started off getting some Asian BBQ & Noodles on the westside of town for some Duck & Wonton soup, chinese donuts and other variety of dishes. After lunch i dropped everyone off at the North Outlets and checked in to our rooms at the Cal.

Too bad our dinner rsvp were at 9pm because we hungry by 5pm and snacked the whole time up until dinner. We started by getting the $2.99 Shrimp Cocktail at Du-Par’s at the Goldengate Hotel, while drinking beers that we bought at the ABC store on fremont. Once we finished drinking and gambling we took a taxi over to the Cosmopolitan for a slice pizza at the secret pizza place, and a bourbon drink over at the vesper bar. For dinner i had the parents go for the buffet at the M Hotel while Joy and I enjoyed a dinner together at Craftsteak over at the MGM. It was delicious but we were so full and tired by the time dinner was done that we just headed back to the hotel and fell asleep.


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