I’m sure not a kid anymore. Waking up before 6:30am for a trip to Disneyland used to be the easiest thing to do as a kid. Now i’m thinking of excuses to keep me in bed. None the less, with our early entry pass to California Adventures we got to check out Cars Land before the crowds got into the park. And just as a warning don’t watch the videos if you don’t want to know how the rides are.

The new Land is really well done and it makes you feel like you stepped into the movie. From Mater’s Junk Yard to Flo’s v8 cafe, all the little details are here. Every inch of Cars Land makes you want to go inside and see what they’ve done, or whats there to do.

As for the rides, the big attraction is Radiator Springs Racers which is based off of Epcot’s Test Track ride, but incorporates all the Cars characters into a part Fantasyland ride part speed race against another car. The line at the moment is at a constant 2 hour wait, and thats if the ride doesn’t breakdown. We bumped into a friend who waited in line, and had it break down 3 times on her. Us on the other hand went through the single rider line which during the busy times was about 30 minutes. Fortunately with the early entry we were able to go on it three times in less than an hour through the single rider line.

The other two rides are not as exhilarating but just as fun in their own rights. Luigi’s Flying tires is an homage to the Flying Saucers from the 1960s and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is a take on a Scrambler Carnival Ride which whips you side to side and if you’re not careful crush your partner.

Cozy Cone Motel was turned into a food court type of eatery where you can snack on things with a cone theme from Cone dogs, Chili Cone Carne, and bite size churros that are served with a chocolate dipping sauce. We haven’t tried any of the food yet, but next time i’m sure we’ll at least get the churros.

Even within its minimal space there able to cram three different stores, another fruit and vegetable stand, and have the Lighting, Mater, and Red (the fire truck) roll around and interact with people.

It was definitely a fun land and i’m happy that California Adventures finally has something to hand its hat on.

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