A few weeks ago when my parents went to California Adventures they got a note from on of the FastPass machines telling them to register for a Glow with the Show event for annual pass holders. Initially we had no idea what it was all about, but after a little googling we found out its all about their new light up ears.  These new Mickey ears light up to different colors and at specific shows will sync together to create a show all on their own.

We got there before 10:30pm and wait for about an hour in the back of the park until the last World of Color show finished and everyone else got ushered out of the park. Then we walked calmly over to the food court area and found hundreds of hats waiting for us to pick up.

I’ve never actually made it a point to watch the show, so this time we got right up to the water’s edge and found out that it was a splash area and boy were they right. It wasn’t as bad as a Shamu splash zone, but i think the designers didn’t take into account that a light breeze would make it rain on the front row viewers. By the end of the show i was covered in a heavy mist of water.

I’m still not that much of a fan of the World of Colors show, but with all the glowing ears it made it much more interesting looking at the crowd and their reaction as the show went on. I spent a lot of time looking backwards and checking out all the different ways that they could have the ears change colors with the show. I’m still mystified on how it works, but as my friend commented its the greatest G rated rave ever.

Can’t see the videos? Click Here.

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