Transformers the Ride Universal Studios is officially opening up at the end of the month and i had no idea that it was coming. The Manichans invited me to a special invite preview and with Joy in vegas for a bachelorette party i invited a basketball friend who i never knew actually graduated from Cerritos High the same year as i did.

We got a special entrance to the side of the main gate and got early entrance to the park where we had free reign of the ride for a few hours in the morning. Its pretty fun to just walk through the park with no one around to bump into you, and we ran through the queue to get on the ride. We actually went on it a second time so that we could take our time walking and stopping for all the different queue points that have videos, and props to make the wait bearable.

The ride its self is like an intense 3D version of the Indiana Jones ride. It puts you in a car that races through a full motion video ride that gets the heart pumping pretty good. Henry and I got through the ride fine, but the Manichans weren’t feeling very well afterwards.

As part of the event we also got a free breakfast of pasties, eggs, bacon, potatoes, and lox. We filled up with lots of food before Tiffany heading to the Staples center to catch the Kings game. The rest of us took decided to take the Tram ride to take it easy. They really must be getting ready for summer because all the parts that had water in the vicinity i constantly got my shorts or back wet from the back splash of the flash flood or King Kong ride. After the tram we were done with the park and headed home, but not before a stop by Diddy Riese for an ice cream sandwich … which they raised the price to $1.75!

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