Its been a few years since i’ve been up to the bay with all my family and we made the most of it. We arrived into the city on Thursday morning with Nina picking us up and heading over to her house to meet Janie. Once we all got a chance to hang out and she was fed and back to sleep, Nina had two hours before her next feeding to take us to the Thursday Farmers Market at the Ferry Building for lunch and snacks.

The first stop was the infamous Roli Roti Prochetta Sandwich which is basically a pork on pork love sandwich. We strolled through the plaza picking up some cheese, and salty pork bits to have later in the weekend. Once Nina’s two hours were up we headed back to her house so that Joy and I could grab our bags and check in to our room at Parc 55.

For dinner my parents met Joy and I at Tadich Grill for some Cioppino, clam chowder, Oysters Rockefeller, and some pan fried fish. It a very old establishment when a vert curt service staff. There’s very little in terms of customer massaging and as long as you know what you want they’ll get it to you very quickly. I don’t feel like if you need a hand holding through the menu that they would be very happy.

After dinner Joy and I had planned to go to Wilson and Wilson a speakeasy that you need to make rsvp to get into, but it was still early and headed back to the hotel for nap that eventually turned into a long sleep. I guess i was in need of some sleep because i slept for a good 13 hours.

The next day i woke up early and went out to Tartine to grab some pastries for breakfast with Nina, and got some delicious croissant, morning buns, and quiche. By the time i got back Joy had woken up and we had breakfast in our room.

With not much in terms in plans for the day, we went to watch the Avengers with my dad at the Metreon. Its been a even longer time since i saw a movie opening day during matinee time, and for $6 i forget why i stopped. The movie was great and afterwards we met up with Nina for some Thai Noodles back near our hotel.

Roland happen to decide to come up to SF to visit his cousin as well that weekend. He arrived late in the afternoon and we met up with him at the North Face store. His friend happened to work at North Face and more than willing to share his employee 50% discount and we had a little shopping spree. Between five of us we probably gathered over a thousand dollars worth of stuff to buy.

In the evening it was Nina’s friend’s birthday so we all went out to Jones 55 for some happy hour drinks and snacks. Joy was tired afterwards so she went back to the hotel while i stayed out with Roland and his friends to do some bar hopping around the same area. We went to three other locations where they all served well made drinks and i got thoroughly drunk. More Thai food was consumed afterwards and i made it back to the room just after midnight.

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