After a night of drinking i thought that i was going to be in for one hell of a morning, but Joy was kind enough to layout some advil and water for me when i got back to the room, so the next morning wasn’t so bad. We hopped onto the F-Line and headed down to the Fisherman’s Wharf to meet up with my parents for some mini-donuts and coffee. These are my mom’s favorite and never wants to share. We took some touristy pictures and enjoyed the bright blue skies, and warm sun that I’m not used to up north.

Still without much of plan for the day we decided to take my dad across the bay to Oakland to go get a Fried Chicken Sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s. It was a bit of an adventure since normally my sister takes us, but we did well making our way onto the BART which took us underneath the water and plopped us a few walking blocks from the store. Of course there was a huge line, but the sandwich is just that delicious, with all the fried goodness and spicy slaw that goes inside.

Back in San Francisco we hung out at my sisters again to hang out with the kid, give a dog a walk, and take a nap. At dinner time when Joy and I went out by ourselves to a place that Joy wanted to take me to over in North Beach, near Little Italy. I was a little hesitant when she said it was Asian Fusion, but it was delicious. The wait was about a half hour so we went next door to King of Thai Noodle Thai House for some cheap beers and watch some basketball. Back at the House, we feasted on some steamed mussels, soft shell crab, and steak noodles. After a day of walking and eating we went back to the hotels to sleep it all off.

Sunday it was time to pack up and get ready to go home, but not before another family renunion at Nina’s house, where my uncle, aunt, and cousins and their new twins came up to meet their new cousin. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport to go home.


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